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This app turns your phone into robot
20 Jun 2019

The researchers demonstrated this app with robots watering a plant, vacuuming and transporting objects. A study on the embedded app, c...

WhatsApp features that you may still not be aware of
19 Jun 2019

For those who may have missed them, here is a rundown of the recent WhatsApp features.

Electric cars have various health benefits
18 Jun 2019
Researchers suggest that the migration from polluting vehicles to electric vehicles could significantly reduce the incidence of card...
Amazon dethrones Apple as most valuable brand in the world
13 Jun 2019
Amazon is now the world's most valuable brand, unseating Apple and Google, and ending the 12-year run of technology brands atop ...
WhatsApp will soon sue you if you violate its terms of use
13 Jun 2019

WhatsApp, in an update on its FAQ page, wrote that it would take legal action against individuals and entities that send bulk messages...

Zomato Tests First Drone Delivery of Food in India
13 Jun 2019
The first test saw Zomato make a drone-based food package delivery under restricted conditions, covering 5 km in 10 minutes and at p...
Why And How Data Science Is More Than Just Machine Learning
10 Jun 2019
Many often we use the terms Data Science and machine learning interchangeably. However, while there is an overlap between the two, t...
Three little-known facts about ATMs
06 Jun 2019
The process of cash withdrawal has become much simpler, given that the machines are automated
Samsung is bringing AMD graphics technology to its smartphones
05 Jun 2019
Samsung and AMD have made a surprise announcement today which could significantly change the graphics experience on the former&rsquo...
Apple unveils new Mac Pro and Pro Display XDR
05 Jun 2019
Apple today announces its new Mac Pro at WWDC 2019. It's the most powerful and most expandable Mac the company has ever made. Al...
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